Watermark Factory 2.58 Crack + Serial Key Free Download Latest 2024

Watermark Factory 2.58 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Watermark Factory 2.58 Crack is a tool for Windows that lets you add text or image watermarks to any image. This app has an above-average feature set. Not just select a watermark. but also the use of various effects With images selected with Watermark Factory, they look nice and bright, with a file queue to manage selected files and two different tabs for switching between image previews and watermarks. and apply some effects such as drop shadow, bevel, and smooth edges, including masks and special options to resize. optimize or rename the picture.

Watermark Factory 2.58 Crack + Serial Key Free Download Latest 2024


Watermark Factory Crack‘s very annoying when people use your pictures. And at least it doesn’t give you credit. Watermarks on images can protect them when they are published in public places such as the Internet. Adding a watermark is easy with common image editing tools but takes longer Especially if you want to protect a large number of photos, Watermark Factory is more efficient at getting the job done. This allows you to edit and place your watermark anywhere.

Watermark Factory Crack

In Watermark Factory Download external watermarks or images can be added individually on the second tab. Click the “Add Text” or “Add Image” button below the list. Then an edit window will appear. In addition to the excellent image preview, You’ll also find some useful options on the right side of the window. This includes placing a watermark. The opacity, rotation and, writing settings are all done with the click of a button, check box, or a simple slider When adding an image watermark You can select an image from several-defined folders or watermarks in the program’s gallery.

Watermark Factory Free Download’s edit panel has additional options below the preview. In addition to entering text, These additional options also allow you to enable shadow effects or add a colored background to text. After creating a watermark You must specify the output path to which the watermark will be added. Then click the large play button at the bottom of the main window. You can also convert images to JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, and PNG formats before creating a watermark. You can choose one of these formats from the drop-down menu next to the “Create” button.

Watermark Factory Serial Key

Watermark Factory Full Crack is a powerful program that allows you to solve many problems. It contains many features to make working with digital photos easier and faster. Watermark Factory allows us to add text or image watermarks to any image. Protect our copyright or just add comments to pictures. This handy program has a nice and easy-to-use interface. We will be able to process thousands of files in seconds. Watermark Factory offers a free trial. This is a standalone software and does not require any additional software or hardware configuration. Watermark Factory does not contain adware or spyware. So we can use it safely and without problems. If we want to protect our photos safely and make sure they are not used without permission. Why not try this amazing utility at an affordable price every time?

Watermark Factory Serial lets you edit group photos by resizing, adding frames, and, adjusting the opacity level. Personally, I would like to have more effects that improve image quality. Also, the suggested frames are a bit sticky for me. On the other hand, you can make various adjustments to the watermark, such as setting the transparency level. Selecting the appropriate text options and adjusting the position and angle Profiles created with these settings can be saved and used later. Another benefit of Watermark Factory is that it can save verified images in various image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and, TGA.

Watermark Factory Free Download 2024

Watermark Factory Serial Key lets you add text or watermarks to any image. Protect your copyright or easily add comments to photos. This handy program has a nice and easy-to-use interface. It can process thousands of files in seconds. This tool is also useful for anyone working with digital images. Because there are many features such as: – One step to process many images – Batch renaming – Batch resizing – Batch conversion – Rotation – Batch crop: you can set Crop window for each image and crop accordingly – Control output size when creating watermark – Built-in watermark gallery – Auto file information: Print photo with filename – Auto date: Print photo with date – Effect Image – Various graphic formats – Data support EXIF ​​watermark factory – Swiss knife watermark!

Watermark Factory Serial Number means that users can use a predefined set of options to watermark selected images at once. Finally, the Watermark Factory can be used to add comments to dozens of images as well as easy access to EXIF ​​​​or IPTC data. The application does not have any special hardware requirements. And it runs smoothly on all versions of Windows without the need for admin privileges on Windows 7 workstations. Overall, Watermark Factory is very useful if you want to easily protect a large number of watermarked images. There is a detailed help guide that is recommended for beginners to read when they want more information on specific functions.


  • Protect your copyright with visible watermarks:
  • Watermark Factory helps protect your images. You can add visible watermarks to photos and digital images. A watermark can be copyright, a website URL, or a logo.
  • Date your photo was stamped:
  • Some digital cameras do not timestamp digital photos with this product, You can check the date and time the photo was taken. Watermark Factory can add an EXIF ​​date or a custom date.
  • View EXIF ​​or IPTC data:
  • It is helpful to view EXIF ​​or IPTC information for your digital photos. Watermark Factory provides detailed photographic information. (shutter speed, aperture, etc.) This information can be used as a text watermark.
  • To prepare digital photos for the web:
  • To prepare your digital photos for the web You have to do something with them. Your images must be rotated, cropped, and resized at a minimum. With Watermark Factory, you can perform these tasks in batches.
  • Convert many images to different formats:
  • You have a lot of pictures in different formats, no problem! Watermark Factory allows you to convert files to one of the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA, and PNG.
  • To automatically rename multiple photos:
  • Modern digital cameras keep your photos on their own. The auto-rename feature allows you to rename digital images using prefixes and suffixes based on a powerful format.
  • Comment:
  • Watermark Factory lets you annotate your photos. You don’t have to take care of every picture. But you can annotate dozens of images at once.


  • Simple
  • Quickly
  • Beautiful interface


  • Not Found

What’s New?

  • Rename the package
  • Change batch size
  • Batch conversion
  • Turn around
  • Batch Crop: You can set image e crop window and group crop.
  • Control the output size when creating a watermark.
  • Integrated watermark gallery
  • Auto File Info: Add filenames to your photos.
  • Automatic date photo
  • Visual effect
  • various graphic formats
  • Support for EXIF ​​​​data

System Requirements

  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB hard drive
  • SVGA screen resolution or higher
  • Mouse (recommended)
  • Keyboard

Watermark Factory Crack Key



Watermark Factory Serial Key



How To Download and Install?

  • Download the file from the link below.
  • install on your device
  • Follow the installation steps
  • Click Finish to complete the installation process.
  • Software available

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